June 11, 2013

Cova do Vapor

COVA DO VAPOR (Steamer’s Grave) is a small neighborhood near Lisboa.
Across the river, it stands exactly on the corner between Tejo River and the sea.
All the houses are self built, right on the sand, very close to the sea.
The place is beautiful.
EXYZT is an international group http://www.exyzt.org/ that got interested in Cova do Vapor and began a wonderful on site project, promoting the place, local people, local interests and local knowledge. You can read about it here:
The operation was named CASA DO VAPOR (Steamer’s House) and USkPortugal joined as an outsider, documenting the place, the people and the building of the house itself.
Every week a sketcher has been on site, drawing and talking to the neighbors. The sketches have been published every Tuesday, and all the neighbours are very curious about them.
There was a workshop about sketchbooks and we hope that, after the end of June, the new local sketchers (already at work) will continue publishing about the place and the several events programmed until October.
Finnaly, last sunday, we had a USkPortugal sketch meeting there. Of course we had sardines grilled on site and made lots of new sketches.
I know it is a too long post but we have so much to say about CASA DO VAPOR…

Please visit the sketches here.
B 20130501 COZINHA 1
B 20130609 4 CROP


nelson paciencia said...

Que maravilha!

matthew_c said...

That's really interesting Pedro.
I like the idea of "self build", the structures appear to be very ordered though and designed well in advance rather than built "ad-hoc".
I'd like to see this place, it seems like a fascinating community. Congratulations on your involvement with urban sketchers.