May 2, 2013

Trip to Brazil

Two weeks ago, I made a little trip to Brazil. I went there with some of my collegues of my new job at the university in order to organize a student exchange.

We went to Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre, but we only had about 6 days in Brazil with a lot of appointements to complete! I knew that before, I was a little frightened that I wouldn't be able to sketch a lot, so I took my little Laloran sketchbook with me.

But, of course, I had to meet Eduardo Bajzek in Sao Paulo. We didn't sketch together, but he took me to some nice bars where we had some beers together. Thanks again Eduardo for that wonderful evening!

Here's some pages of sketches I made during the trip:


Laloran Page 1

Laloran Page 5

Laloran Page 3

Fundacao Ibere Camargo

by Florian Afflerbach


lapin said...

great that you catch eduardo there!
nice building collection, brazil must be a paradise for architects…

Bajzek said...

Hey Florian! It was great to see you here!