May 1, 2013

King Willem Alexander

King Willem AlexanderYesterday the Netherlands celebrated a special occasion: our Queen Beatrix resigned and left the throne for her successor: King Willem Alexander, together with his wife Queen Maxima (she is originally from Argentina).

Willem Alexander is the first male King in the Netherlands since over 120 years. So were are a real Kingdom now.

Koninginnedag 2013
The official ceremonies took place in Amsterdam, and could be followed on big outdoor screens that were placed all over the country.

Normally we celebrate Queensday on April 30th quite elaborately with music, freemarkets and other festivities, but you can imagine this time was even more special.
We went to Eindhoven, where the activities are dedicated to youthculture. All over the citycentre you can find stages with renowned live deejays playing heavy hiphop, house, dance and other electronic music. I counted at least 10 stages, there must be a dozen more.

I made a drawing of these two (not so young) Dutchmen, relaxing in the sun on a low wall, enjoying a beer and following the ceremonies on the big overhead screens. Trying to ignore the heavy beats and low basses of the pounding music. 

Also a sketch of the freemarket near the stadium.
I drew it over a wrapper of a popular Dutch sweet called "King pepermunt". They changed the name into "Alex" (King Willem Alexanders calling name) for the occasion.


kumi matsukawa said...

So delightful! There are so festive mood and what a memorable record!

Murray Dewhurst said...

Looks and sounds like a great party, enjoy!

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks Kumi and Murray. It was the last Queensday on April 30th. Next year we'll have a Kingsday, on another date, a few days earlier.