May 4, 2013

I covered a lot of the alphabet on the subway these past 10 days: A, C, F, G, L, M trains.

Made some of the numbered trains as well and reached 3 boroughs.  Scenic!
Sketchblog: DayBooks
Reading is linked to drawing for me, always and these days I'm reading lots of things in Spanish (Alejo Carpentier, Juan Rulfo etc.), but an underlying thread is Roberto Bolaño, who fascinates me.  The novel quoted in this drawing is Estrella Distante, and the line reads in English: but for all the efforts that he made he couldn't imagine our poet in this situation.


Ashley Click said...

This is such a beautiful work! I have not started "publicly" sketching really...ok, I've done SOME on my travels but don't do it regularly (have always felt more comfortable doing it outside of my own country). Anyway, how do you pluck up the courage to draw someone on a NY Subway... I always feel so self-conscious if someone comes over to look at what I'm doing..and have you ever been given a dirty look by the sitter once they realized they were the "sitter" - Thanks for posting your beautiful drawing.

I can't believe I've lived overseas for 20 years and haven't heard of this organization!

Sharon Frost said...

I'm almost never caught. I generally choose subjects lost in what they're reading, or their game, or in a conversation. And there's often one or two people standing in front of me. I don't like it when someone gets what I'm doing. I also use a smallish sketchbook and I'm pretty evasive. I really like drawing readers, so that makes things pretty simple as a rule.

Thanks for the support!