May 4, 2013

Chinese Opera (in digital:-)

I hope my sketch above is not violating any rule:-)

We chanced upon a roadside (Mitrichit Road, Bangkok) Chinese opera one late evening earlier this week, so, a few of us excitedly busied ourselves with our sketches.
Chinese opera in Bangkok is not anything unusual but not what we'd find every day either. This one was a birth day celebration for a god a day in advance and the audients was rather few, so we had a good view for a sketch..
My sketch was done on site with a galaxy NOTE, a sketch on the cell phone with an app called, PAINT JOY over the photograph I took of the stage.

1 comment :

Minerva said...

The bright paint over the pic is such an interesting concept. These new gadgets are bringing the art of sketching into new possibilities to explore!