April 24, 2013

very small sketches at Seoul Station

scenery with previous Seoul Station Building seen from the Lotte Outlet mall

2nd floor lobby seen from 4th floor, Angel in Us coffee shop
scenery seen from the bridge to the parking lot, Seoul Station

birds in the cage, pet shop at Lotte mart

mannequin at Lotte Outlet in Seoul station
10 x 14 cm

I sketched the above ones last January at Seoul Station. As always has been the lobby and shopping mall was busy with passengers, tourists, and shopping people. Looking around more carefully I found more sketching subjects. In cold or rainy days it's recommendable to sketch indoor.



Lynne the Pencil said...

Lovely sketches. I especially like the ones in the shop.

I once got told off for drawing in a supermarket. Apparently they thought I was some sort of spy for the competition, making a note of prices!!

bh yoo said...

Thank you Lynne! When I was drawing mannequin outside the high class shop in prestige department store years ago, the sales clerk asked me not to draw, maybe for the reason of the imitation. :)