April 26, 2013

To and from work

Fruängen, Stockholm 

Spring has finally reached Stockholm too, and the mittens are left back home. Drawing time has been scarce lately, but I try to squeeze in some drawings on my way to and from work if I can. In Fruängen, I sometimes wait for a bus in the mornings, and that is a great opportunity to sketch - timed sketches prevent you from being too meticulous!

Kungsgatan/Drottninggatan, Stockholm 
And today I managed to do a hurried drawing over a cup of coffee in the sun, after watching a movie in the city with students and colleagues. Found some cheap coloured pens at the bottom of my bag, and had to try them on for size.


bh yoo said...

Spring is good for sketching. Cheap pens made your drawings great!

Debo Boddiford said...

The vibrant skies are a nice contrast to your pen work! Happy Spring Nina!

Sandy's drawing room said...

Love your colours!

Sandy's drawing room said...

Love your colours!