April 12, 2013

The golden fruits (let's say) tree

They say that Spain is that place where one works while the other supervise.
This takes on a special meaning when one draws as a work and the other accompany him for fun. That is what happened some weeks ago when Víctor had to draw the Güell Pavilions for a book on which he is working, and some of us decided to go with him. Mainly to supervise (let's say).
As the guy usually do quite well and there was not so much to supervise, we also started drawing. A detail of the facade took my attraction because of its curious design made of bricks and tiles. The tall figure on the left side was supposed to be —as someone told me from the guard's tale— the golden apple tree mentioned on Jacint Verdaguer's poem L'Atlàntida. Some details must got lost in the succeeding versions because hours after, taking a look at the text, apples ended up being oranges.

Golden oranges


Teresa Giménez Pous said...

Me gusta, aunque tenga menos ladrillos.....

Miguel Herranz said...

Un día me voy a poner a pintar hojitas, que las tengo muy abandonadas... :)