April 10, 2013

The Alfred Denny Museum

Last month, Sheffield University began allowing the public limited access to a secret little teaching museum, which was created in 1905 for the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences.

It is just one room, but full of wonderfully traditional, wooden-framed display cases and slender, wooden drawers, all of which are crammed with skeletons, taxidermy and odd things floating in jars. Sketching heaven. Unfortunately, we were only allowed 1 hour, and that included the very interesting 20 minute talk by a 3rd year student, about the acquisition of some of the stranger creatures. 

When she was done, I whizzed round with my sketchbook (and my brand new Sailor pen - which I LOVE), and quickly captured specimens as they caught my eye. 

The great news though, is the curator loves the sound of SketchCrawling and it looks like we might get back in for a longer session, just for sketchers. Can't wait!!

The sketch below is only about a 3rd of the massive python skeleton mounted on the wall in the university foyer - I was drawing it while we were waiting to be allowed in.

The other nice thing, was that I got 2 new recruits to SketchCrawl North while I was drawing. 


miked said...

Nice one Lynne!
I love Sailor pens too! It's been my main pen for the past year!

Cathy Gatland said...

Beautiful sketches - I want that pen!

Murray Dewhurst said...

You did really well in just 40 minutes!

AVBK said...

The Lady with the Handbag!
I don't know whether to admire your suppleness or the strength of your arm. I spy a nice blue stool in the corner of the photo - I think I would have begged, borrowed or stolen it! Well done, Lynne - here and in the very exciting drawings in the dark you showed us earlier.
Adumbrat omnia vincit!!!

VHein said...

These are such wonderful quick sketches--beautiful lines!