April 18, 2013

Reading and drawing are intrinsically mixed in Brooklyn, especially in Spanish.

 "And it's that there time is long.  Nobody keeps track of the hours and nobody worries about how the years add up.  The days begin and end."  Juan Rulfo.  (On the F train in Brooklyn)

The shell changes with every glance.  Reading Cortázar (End of the Game), in my studio, in Brooklyn.
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Carmela said...

Hi Sharon
Your subway drawings are so evocative of its ambiance (if one can call it that). At any rate I read this article in the NYT recently and thought of your work which captures the denizens of the subway--you may have read it already.

Like the shell--one of my favorite objects to draw-they are so so varied in shape, color.

Sharon Frost said...

I missed the Times article. I don't know how! Thanks!

I love shells too. They can make me dizzy.