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April 17, 2013

Overlooking Boston

Boston has been spinning since Monday, when two terrorist bombs shattered the world famous Boston Marathon, killing three, injuring nearly 200, and shaking the entire community's nerves.

Living in the suburbs, one can feel so safe, and that danger is so far away. But yesterday, I climbed the highest local hill, so I could quickly draw what I suddenly felt: that Boston is only a stone's throw away from where I live, and is even closer now, in my heart and mind.


miked said...

I live in the suburbs too and also feels so far away from Boston - but you're right - It's so close and so easy to find acquaintances of friends, family & colleagues that were effected by Monday's tragedy. It feels so different around here.

Vicky said...

My heart is with those who were hurt by Monday's horrific events. I think many of us feel close to Boston now, wherever we may be. Thank you for your post and your serene drawing.

Debo Boddiford said...

You captured a hopeful glow over the city, the light after the storm.
Since Monday we are all Bostonian's and feel your pain. I pray for peace, and for those in pain everywhere.

VHein said...

Fred, I really appreciate your post, and the thoughtful sensitivity in your drawing. That terrible news from Boston felt very immediate to me as well, even if separated by a continent. I have been heartened by the stories of compassion and courage in the midst and in the aftermath.

Viki Lynn said...

This is so cool. To relate to event as a artist...I never would have thought of that. Near or far, just like Sept. 11th....the effects of violence touches us all. Every time something like this happens , we all unite as Americans.

Carmela Cattuti said...

I live on Beacon St. In the heart of Back bay. I would lije to attend the gatherings in Boston. Any info on when and where?