April 12, 2013

More Music - Sheffield Folk Festival

There was a folk festival in Sheffield over Easter. My SketchCrawl North group went to an afternoon event in a pub. Unfortunately, it was a very tiny room, with not really enough room for all the musicians, let along sketchers! Luckily, we only ever get a handful turn up for the music events, so we crammed ourselves into corners and got stuck in.

More and more musicians turned up though and tried to squeeze in. I had to sit on a table to be able to see anything other than backs and heads. It was actually quite comfy up there and at least I wasn't getting elbowed in the eye by the pipe player any more!

Despite the cramped conditions, I love the way these intimate events bring the musicians and the sketchers together - it's impossible to be discrete, so we end up in conversation and showing sketches round.


Beth said...

Wonderful lively sketched! I also really like your use of color here.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Cheers Beth :-)

Jimu said...

now they looked liked fun, usually for me sketching is a solitary activity ...lovely sketches