April 22, 2013

heidelberger platz

i have mentioned these abandoned busstations along the a100 motorway before - now i got a new route to work, along this motorway dir southwest and i spotted more of them, like this stop of 'Autobahnbuslinie A65' at heidelberger platz.

these buslines were an alternative, for those, who did not want to use circular rail, because it used to be run by the gdr-owned 'reichsbahn', even in west-berlin. with the fall of the wall the lines lost their reason and were closed. the concrete sructures partly stay and partly got new uses.


Nina Johansson said...

I love these, Rolf. And I really like this kind of places, I completely understand why you are drawing them.

Rolf Schröter said...

thanks, nina!
we seem to share a passion towards 'brute functional sculptures' - i always enjoy your work on that topic a lot!

James Hobbs said...

Apart from your drawings, Rolf, which I always like, I like this urban archaeology aspect to them, too, recognising what's under the skim of the eye.