April 18, 2013

Hawaii, a riot of color

Hawaii did strange things to my sketching. I'm usually one to seek out sights teeming with people: it's what I find most exciting to sketch. But being in Hawaii is like stepping right into the middle of a Henri Rousseau painting: A magical, complex, multi-layered world of make believe vegetation in the most astonishing colors. So I tried capturing just that in these pieces.

The street we stayed on in Hilo. Bright orange tulip tree flowers and electric wires fight for attention. My kids fade into the jungle of greens.
Hilotown Hale, Patricia's lue Home

The flower market in Kona. Even when I touched these flowers it was hard to believe they were real.
Sketching at the Flower Market, Kona

Homes on tall stilts remind you that this is Tsunami Country. Bougainvillea in a riot of colors distract you. I raced agains the rains to finish this piece as the clouds rolled in from the mountains.
Afternoon Rain, Kona

Banana plants and plumeria. What a sight to wake up to.

Banana Plant and Plumeria, Sugar Shack, Kona

And endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that practically swim up to you while you snorkel.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, Kahalu'u Beach Park, Kona

The beach sketches? There were those too. But I loved the flora and fauna best. You can see a lot more sketches on my blog or view the complete set here on flickr.


croquedessin said...

Wow ! Your colours are wonderful !

VHein said...

And what a riot of beauty, Suhita, wow indeed!

Murray Dewhurst said...

Luscious sketches!

Liz Steel said...

wow! I love your work and we just MUST spend some time together in BCN (somehow) so I can watch you in action... all you will be doing is sketching and painting so shouldn't be too hard?

Erin said...

Awesome sketches! I love the colors and how they give life to the indications in pen.