April 26, 2013

Drawing the city

During this week the Faculty of Architecture in the University of Seville has been organizing a course of lectures and workshops about "drawing the city".

They have invited for lectures some of the architect & Urban Sketchers  that surely you know well. Luis Ruiz and Alvaro Carnicero were here.

Bar Citroen. Sevilla.

Surprisingly I was invited to give a lecture too.

I felt strange surrounded by all the architect and by straight  lines and so much perspective...

Museo Arqueológico. Sevilla.

I do not know if I will have learned something from them... Or my case is hopeless... Just judge in yourselves.

(I show you here some of the sketches I have made during the week.)


isaac duenyas said...

Most architects drawings are just that, architects drawings. Sometimes pretentious. All equal. Boring. And mostly lifeless.
Instead yours are life, "lived" and told!

Nina Johansson said...

I´m not surprised at all you were invited, Inma! I´m sure you had a few things to teach them as well, learning usually goes both ways, to both the students and the lecturer, when sketching together!


Nina, I used some of your drawings in my lecture related to the drawing of the human figure. They loved your wok too!

José Louro said...

Im with isaac!

Debo Boddiford said...

I love your vibrant colors and expressive lines...It would be inspiring to have you as a teacher or sketching partner!

Mark Ponton said...

The colors are very nice, loose and free.