April 18, 2013

Campi Flegrei in Naples

Tempio di VenereBusto, sala Rione Terra

Few weeks ago I held a workshop near Naples with my friend and wildlife artist from Rome, Federico Gemma (Urban Sketchers Italy) We spent two days with 20 sketchers in Campi Flegrei, a past destination for Grand Tours. Inside the Baia Castle we started drawing some fragments of ancient statues that are really inspiring. This one was found under some ruins, reused as part of a sanitation system. I tried to demonstrate how useful it is to start the day with thumbnails and fast sketches.

Castello di Baia

In the archaeological park we ended the first day drawing the so called Tempio di Diana (a thermal building, probably a calidarium) that has an unusual ogival dome inspired by the Orient.

tempio di Diana

I learned a lot from Federico Gemma demonstration of a watercolor and we had fun with participants, many of them at their first experience.

Scavi di Baia

Hopefully a group of sketchers will start gathering for sketchcrawls in our city too: here is our new facebook Urban Sketchers group of Naples. Other photos and drawings of the two days in this slideshow.
lago d'Averno


atreewalker said...

Wow, this is great.
I hope to make a tour of Italy some day, and maybe, why not, join you on the "sketching" trip!

Murray Dewhurst said...

Beautiful sketches, it must be great to have so much history around to draw from.