April 22, 2013

Around the River

Around the river is always fascinating.

As I had said, unfortunately Zayanderood River has become seasonal these years in Isfahan. But these days we had an exciting news that water has come back to the river (Of course just for 3 months!!).
These days the weather was rainy here after a really dry year, and I think it is the influence of the river that has increased the humidity of weather.
The first 3 sketches are from before coming back the water and others are from after that.
 (The above is from the past year) Hope you enjoy

      A View of Khaju Bridge

     Joui Bridge (on the right side) and the buildings around it – View from Khaju Bridge

     Near Khaju Bridge

     Ferdowsi Bridge – View from Siosepol ( Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge )

Around the River - Near Siosepol



VHein said...

These are such exciting drawings--so much feeling in every line and tone!

Marisa O. said...

Your work is fascinating. I´ve been in Isfahan 4 years ago and I remember the Kahju bridge.

Isabel said...

so atmospheric you make me want to use pencil love the line work with pencil or pen

kumi matsukawa said...

Really fascinating series!

Rolf Schröter said...

these are beautiful

Behzad Bagheri said...

Virginia,Marisa,Isabel,Kumi and Rolf
Thank you very much for your kind comments.

Sandy's drawing room said...

Your work is a breah of freash air, i love the energy and vigour.

Behzad Bagheri said...

Thank you Sandy!