April 18, 2013

Another petrochemical plant drawing

Another drawing at ChemelotAnother lunchtime sketch today, somewhere on the chemical plant "Chemelot" (a.k.a. DSM-Geleen) in the Netherlands. Presently I have my working desk in one of the offices in the reseach part.
Actually it was just five minutes walk to this installation (I have no idea what they produce), but it took some walking around to find an interesting spot.
Nowadays I am trying to be more careful about choosing the right angle/composition, and what to draw and (occasionally) what to leave out.
I deliberately stopped a little early, in order not to lose myself into those little details that sometimes spoil a drawing. Did the last enhancements later, just trying to improve the drawing as drawing.
Even though I stick to reality, I more and more find that trying to catch the "spirit" of the subject is more important than correctly fitting in all the details.

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