April 17, 2013

39th Worldwide Sketchcrawl - Los Angeles: At an Art Fair

39th Worldwide Sketchcrawl Day happened to fall on the same day as Downtown Burbank Arts Festival, so the Los Angeles sketchcrawl group checked it out. I enjoyed chatting with my artist friends but the day was more "crawl"ing up and down the street to look around rather than "sketch"ing for me - this is a compilation of what I managed to draw, with color added at home.

While the event covered only a few small city blocks, there were many activities: kids playing with hoops that make big bubbles, chalk artists drawing on the pavement, kids building wooden block castles, a 1931 Ford Model T on display (+ a police motorcycle), a costumed model, live band, and tables with artwork and books for sale.

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VHein said...

Shiho, I love your sketches--they really capture the fun of the day, and a taste of all the events--love especially that person walking the chihuahua, and the billowing bubbles!