April 13, 2013

39th Worldwide SketchCrawl in Moscow, ID

Crummy weather for outdoor sketching today ... windy, with occasional snow flurries. So the first sketch had to be done from the comfort of a cafe. I always try to depict light (as much as possible), and in cases like this, it's all about capturing the silhouettes with strong dark tones, and trying to catch reflections where I see them. 

The second sketch I started outside, but my hands started to freeze up, so had to finish it back in the cafe again. This alley view is one of my favorites here in Moscow, and some might recognize it from this post ... almost the same perspective, this time done with a Yafa fountain pen and Lexington Gray ink. I hope everyone around the world had a great sketchcrawl day, I look forward to seeing the results!


VHein said...

Beautiful sketches, Matthew--especially love that subtle drawing at bottom with perfectly plotted perspective--the Lexington Gray ink has a feeling of an engraving here.

Matthew Brehm said...

Thanks Virginia! I discovered Lexington Gray a few years ago from Nina Johansson's drawings ... I like the that it's not pure black and that it is effectively waterproof once it's down on the page (even though I didn't use watercolor for this particular sketch). I wish there was a sepia-colored fountain pen ink that was more waterproof, but this gray is sort of the next best thing for me.