March 29, 2013

Under the ground

Under the ground #1
This drawings were made during a workshop I gave in Barcelona. The topic was urban transport and we went to draw in the underground, more specifically Espanya station. As I must pay attention to the  attendees and give instructions to each one of them I had few time to draw so I had to steal little pieces of a couple minutes. I put the color at home.

Under the ground #2
The page with frames had no project at the beginning, but in the middle I cought a glimpse od some kind of thread and imagined the texts. Afterwards, also at home, I made the lettering in correspondence.  It can be read big size on flickr but for those who don't understand spanish, here is an english version:
1 –Daddy, when does it come? –Soon, soon...
2 The lady of the stand of the stuff to feed the cavities do the sums.
3 Barcelona, 3rd meeting of the workshops "Barcelona Dibuixa" (Barcelona Draws), this time dedicated to transport. Our group has gone to Espanya station.
4 Went  for garbain hunting and bought a little clothing, a little shoewear and a little pan set.
5 The girl has amazing legs but she mistreats them with some atrocious ankle boots so I prefer to look how she digits with her long-almost-as-her-legs fingers.
6 I love you more than my back pack
7 Fondo, Santa Coloma, Baró de Viver... (the list of all the stations of this line).


kumi matsukawa said...

Love the first one especially, station ambiance ( with tunnel and curbed rails) always attracts me.

gabi campanario said...

La estació de metro de Espanya la tengo grabada en la memoria desde que tenía 10 ó 12 años.

Veronica Lawlor said...

I love that train station - looks and feels just like I remembered it!

Taurine75 said...

Damn, that's cool!!!

Miguel Herranz said...

Thank you all!

Rolf Schröter said...

the train station sketch is amazing

even love the panels and this kind of 'random tale' - all of your work has great narrative quality to me, anyway.

Miguel Herranz said...

Thank you all!

Rolf, I'm so grateful for this comment. The most important issue for me is always the tale, more than artistic or aesthetic considerations.