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March 29, 2013

NYC Dinner

Spent a nice Tuesday afternoon walking over the Brooklyn Bridge with Neil and Danielle, and having dinner at a little hole in the wall restaurant at the South Street Seaport. Not many of them open, still, many months after Hurricane Sandy the place is half-closed. But I enjoyed the slightly seedy feel of this one - it isn't all jazzed up like so many restaurants downtown are now. After we ordered, Neil and Danielle worked on math homework while I made a few drawings. Tried to get that 'old school' New York bar feeling in the one all the crummy old tchotchkes hanging from the ceiling, and the crooked lampshade on the 6 watt bulb.
Then I wanted to concentrate on some of the patrons. Caught this guy right in the middle of making his move on this woman...better known as "the reach."
Then I saw these two middle aged women "settling the world" over a few glasses of chianti.
Would have done more drawings, but suddenly my cajun tilapia arrived! I love Spring Break!
posted by Veronica Lawlor


memi said...

The Reach- Ronnie, that's hysterical! Nice afternoon interlude....

Veronica Lawlor said...

Gotta watch out for The Reach! ;)

kane said...

Amazing, as always.

Veronica Lawlor said...

Thank you!