March 29, 2013


Мансарда Lemonade Lemonade New vegetarian place in the attic with beautiful view on roofs and the church, fragrance of anisetree and tasty ginger tea. While I was drawing, the boy on the piano was playing the songs of Radiohead and jazz standards, like "Smoke gets in your eyes" and the local cat named bulochka (bun) accompanied him by jumping on the keys.
Больше Кофе (More Coffee)
Bolshe Kofe (More Coffee) Cosy coffee shop in a small grotto in the park. They say the best coffee is there, I'm not an expert, but it's really tasty. The prices are reasonable and it's usually hard to find a seat. On sunday it's full of rosy-cheeked children, because the roof of the grotto is used as the ice-hill. Траппист Trappist This one is Belgian: waffles, mussles, Framboise beer, football on screens and Beatles songs mixed with Doors & Queen.


kumi matsukawa said...

I always enjoy your sketches.

Veronica Lawlor said...

These are wonderful.

Ekaterina said...

Thank you, Kumi and Veronica!

Sewing Sveta said...

Хочу в Лемонад!:)