February 3, 2013

The food

Being given an advice to sketch food when eating as a must. Could be nice set of sketches:

This is guacamole we had at "Dos Amigos" - our regular local lunch place.

Cheese I've bought at friendly local shop.

Lamburger we tried at recently closed restaurant. Too bad it's not exist anymore.

Dim Sum in China Town this summer.

Looks like my first ever food sketch. Oh! No! The very first one was that Mediterranean Sea Perch:

It was delicious!

Funny that simple torontonian pizza was featured at RED MAG (Brazil travel magazine). Probably because of the pizza concept - it has to be baked at home. So I wasn't in a harry.

And there, at the Sky Rooftop of ROM Museum I really was. Can't even imagine to let it's Bouillabaisse get cold!


achmad marie sanad said...


Sneha Sharma said...

Haha interesting concept where you had to race against time and hunger to make these sketches. Will try to experiment with these concepts as well. :)

kumi matsukawa said...

You are man of your words! I can see you enjoy your meal as well as this trial :-) Yummy!

Eugene said...

Thanks. I'm trying :)