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February 6, 2013

The Beauty Of Buddhism

I made a few different trips to Buddhist Temples in Seoul, Korea. They're very spiritual places. Each has their own vibe. I've cobbled together a short 2 minute film to give you a peek at what I see when I'm there. I also visited a Buddhist Museum. There was an ancient Buddha statue that I drew. It caught my attention because the statue had no hands. Someone had removed them. SO I drew a bunch of Buddha hands for the Buddha to choose from.


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Sand Hill Art said...

Your blog carried me far away this morning. Thank you so much.

drwart said...

I made a trip to Japan and it was amazing to see temples and statuary that was hundreds of years old.

kane said...

It's great when a ceremony is going on. I love the chanting.

Vicky said...

Beautiful video and drawing.

VHein said...

Your film is lovely, and the drawing--very moving and expressive.