February 20, 2013

Samurai Armor @ Springfield Museum

Springfield Museum is located about 2 hours west of Boston and is one of my favorite museum's in Massachusetts. This is the only museum I know where you can look at classic paintings & Sculptures, Dr Seuss bronze sculptures, dinosaurs, Motorcycles and Samurai Armors all in 1 location!

Inspired by recent postings from Marc Holmes and Lynne Chapman, I also wanted to share some Samurai sketches. They contain so much different materials, textures, hard/ soft lines all in 1 armor that they're a whole lot of fun to sketch.

There's also a Samurai armory exhibition coming to my local museum this April, I can't wait!



marctaro said...

Wowow - these are so cool - they would make great action figures with the proportions you gave them! Great characters ;)

miked said...

haha, I never looked at it that way!
But now I'm seeing all of them as little hand held figures :)