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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Its been a while! I've been doing a small project going round local independent coffee shops drawing and trying to picture a scene that's been building up its own momentum recently. I really admire the spirit that goes into setting up new shops in such a competitive environment with the dominance of the big high street companies. There seems to be a real passion for what they do as well as a genuine wish to create a nice place to be.


kane said...

Great concept and lovely painting.

Rod MacGregor said...

I totally agree with work!

Penny Lindop said...

Love this style of work. Thanks for sharing

Paul Heaston said...

Love it! Great project, and as usual, great execution.

miked said...

Nice crisp beautiful drawing!

Sandy's drawing room said...

Fantastic. Not just a suggestion of a leg or a foot but the actual jeans with their actual creases and the actual boots bent by the pressure of the actual toes! I'd love to be able to draw that clearly but first id have to learn to see that clearly!

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