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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not a Fellow Sketcher...

When I first spotted this man on the train last week, I thought he was a fellow sketcher. But no - when I looked more closely, he was just doing some boring paperwork and what I took to be him looking down the carraige at his subject, was in fact just him gazing into space for inspiratuion. What a shame.

I did once come up against another sketcher on the train. She was sketching me, sketching someone else - I didn't know she was there until I turned round and caught her in the act.

These are a few more from the couple of trips I did into Leeds and back, on my way to do some school workshops. I'm off working in London for a couple of days next week, so should get plenty more sketching opportunities on my way to and fro...


Maike Bohlen said...

These are great sketches as always. But my heart this timeis with the guy filling out a lousy form. Besides, this is the best sketch.

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