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February 10, 2013

Not a Fellow Sketcher...

When I first spotted this man on the train last week, I thought he was a fellow sketcher. But no - when I looked more closely, he was just doing some boring paperwork and what I took to be him looking down the carraige at his subject, was in fact just him gazing into space for inspiratuion. What a shame.

I did once come up against another sketcher on the train. She was sketching me, sketching someone else - I didn't know she was there until I turned round and caught her in the act.

These are a few more from the couple of trips I did into Leeds and back, on my way to do some school workshops. I'm off working in London for a couple of days next week, so should get plenty more sketching opportunities on my way to and fro...

1 comment :

Maike Bohlen said...

These are great sketches as always. But my heart this timeis with the guy filling out a lousy form. Besides, this is the best sketch.