February 18, 2013

More Sketches from the Royal Armouries

Here are a couple more drawings from Saturday's SketchCrawl.

The museum had fighting armour on display from many cultures, often as part of full-size reconstructions, so it could be quite dramatic stuff! I really enjoyed the Oriental rooms:

I also found I was particularly drawn to armoured horses:

I had this lovely bit of feedback from someone who came for her 2nd Sketchcrawl with us:

"I really enjoyed the day on Saturday, as indeed I did the one back in October at YSP. In fact, neither Jayne nor I have stopped sketching since, and have both already got through a sketch diary each! Having a very talented brother who is labelled as 'the arty one', I've never considered myself much of an artist, and its been very liberating to just get on and do it without worrying (much!) about what other people might think. Looking forward to the March sketchcrawl already."


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VHein said...

Your warriors and their horses are very much alive! And, what a wonderful Sketchcrawl experience.