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February 7, 2013

Kidds Beach

I've just come back from a holiday in the Eastern Cape, at Kidds Beach, a little village where my family have visited, and more recently lived, for generations. Lots of happy memories, and a few pangs that many of the people I so associate with the place are no longer here. But more are, and so kindly invited us to stay.
This used to be the Kidds Beach Tearoom, now a restaurant and pub, which as children was the most thrilling aspect of the trip. Walking up those curved steps into the smell of suntan lotion, sweets, fresh bread, sand and sea is still a strong memory, though now replaced with fish and chips and beer. We were allowed to choose one or two sweets - usually it was a big pink stick of 'Kidds Beach Rock', with the name running right through from end to end, to last for the whole holiday!
 Another old and familiar building next to the tidal pool, though I've never been sure what it's for...a little changeroom with no doors...or a shelter from the wind? A group of beach cleaners bounced past in a very happy mood, so I added one to my sketch (hoping he might disguise my bad perspective!)

Like Liz Steel, I've done a lot of sketching of rocks, rock pools and waves, while my husband and son fished without success. A mystery as to how best paint the sea, you could spend a lifetime trying! These are watercolour with a bit of Inktense crayon here and there.You can see bigger versions of them on my blog if you like.


Maike Bohlen said...

Impressive style! Clear and colourful and not overloaded... gorgeous!

Murray Dewhurst said...

Nice sketches Cathy, I think you nailed the water pretty well!

Suhita said...

you captured so many different moods of the ocean here. It's true what they say: the longer you look the more individual character you see. After your and Liz's sketches, I will look at waves and oceans again, and not just draw a generalized version of what i see!

kumi matsukawa said...

Superb series! I can almost hear the wave sound, feel the wind , and smell the sea breeze..

Cathy Gatland said...

Thanks Maike, Murray, Suhita and Kumi - it was a lovely change to slow down and really stare at the sea before painting.

Ea Ejersbo said...

What a wonderful series of sketches, Cathy - your love of the place is clearly visible.