February 6, 2013

Indoor pursuits

The danish winter is generally dark and cold, and always seems to last at least two months longer than anyone would care for. To hold out for the more active and outdoorsy life of summer, we have a number of winter pastimes to tide us over, and since the weather makes outdoor sketching very difficult, I do a lot more indoor sketching as well.

Here are some sketches from the past couple of months - mostly friends and family caught before or after shared meals.


weaving in the ends

watching films:
lord of the rings

a quantum of solace

talking to people far away:
phone call

or playing games:
shark dash

How do you pass the time, when the weather keeps you cooped up indoors?


kumi matsukawa said...

Although it must be discouragingly cold outside, your drawings tell us how your home is warm and sweet. So precious.

Ea Ejersbo said...

Kumi, we have a special word in Danish for that atmosphere of warmth and cosyness that is absolutely necessary to get through the long, dark winter - "hygge". Now that we're moving into February, at least the daylight is returning and we begin to believe in the eventualt end of winter!