February 21, 2013

In the Royal Wood of Capodimonte

Bosco di Capodimonte

There is only one real park in Naples, the Royal Wood around Capodimonte Palace, built as a king hunting lodge in 1700. I was there sketching during my friend Caroline Peyron's workshop, last spring. We where almost 50 people and had to paint trees with black ink in 40 cm squared papers, to make a collective paper-wood. My son was drawing too, but then preferred to climb the tree. More drawings of the wood here.

Cricket a Capodimonte
We went to sketch in the Large Cistern, where we met the Sri Lanka cricket team of Naples training, they are great players! They had to clean all the Cistern before and had brought a piece of green carpet too. I told them I liked Cricket Cup, a documentary by Massimiliano Pacifico on how they won the italian tournament once, and some of this guys where in the film too. Lots of Sri Lanka families meet in the park on sundays to pic-nic and play cricket, there is a large community in Naples.


Maike Bohlen said...

Like this post very much. Especially since cricket is still a mystery to me. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your work.

kane said...

Amazingly done.