February 6, 2013

I can draw in many ways, when is it correct?

Since some time ago, due to a hurry or perhaps because I´ve changed the way I draw or maybe because of a state of mind at a given moment, I didn´t draw a sketch of this type, I mean, a sketch requiring concentration, detail, patience.

Dibujando en Miraflores

I can draw in many ways, but what are those ways? When am I satisfied? When is it correct? Are some of them incorrect?

A new meeting of the group of Urban Sketchers Cordoba, this time in the Miraflores park.

Dibujando en Miraflores-grupo


Cathy said...
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Catarina Garcia said...

I think it's better to draw often in many different ways. It allows us to be more creative because then you wont have a sort of "formula" to follow which is more likely to happen (even unconsciously) if you always draw in the same way.

Carmela said...

Each drawing which is means of self-expression is 'correct'--both have their own inherent beauty and truth.

julzh said...

Correct or incorrect are just labels /points of view. I think the more important question is: "How much of You did you put into the drawing?" You could say that is similar to your satisfaction question. :)

Maike Bohlen said...

These are the questions gnawing on many of us, i fear. How lucky you are to have the opportunity to overcome these weak moments by sketching with your friends.

Alvaro Carnicero said...

Thanks, very good reflections.

Julzh, specially I like very much you thought: "How much of You did you put into the drawing?"

I had a question, now I had another better!

VHein said...

Good questions...and beautiful drawings!