February 3, 2013

Go back to square one

This year I'm thinking that I need to set a goal. I'll go out with pencils and a notebook. I'll practice and experiment more with pencils.
I feel my pencil drawings are boring while I see pencil drawings from fellow sketchers very attractive. I am always inspired and the more I see them the more I feel like to master.

My first attempt of this year: a view from a play ground.
bicycle and cherry trees

While I was sketching in the play ground, some kids came and they were interested in being my model. What nice and cooperative guys! I started to draw the kid on the left to right one by one.( as you can see, this day the temperature was quite high and all these kids were in T-shirts)


Marcia Milner-Brage said...

Worthy goal to set for yourself. I like the idea of getting back to basics. Your playground sketch is a wonderful, masterful start. Looks like it could be an etching.

kumi matsukawa said...

Thanks Marcia. Let's see how my pencil works evolve from now on. ( right now I still try to follow the basic guidances, but I'm sure I'm seeking my way of expression ..)

Suhita said...

There's something to working in just pencil, Kumi, you are brave to attempt it. I love my color, but I too would like to learn to capture a scene in just line. Beautiful, looking forward to more of your work in this medium.

kumi matsukawa said...

Sure, I'll post more, Suhita. Pencils are irresistible old friends. I'd love to rediscover their charm.