February 9, 2013

Float your boat in Auckland

It's the season of the boat in Auckland. With the weather so good Aucklanders have hit the water big time. It seems especially so this year with so many cruise liners in town every day. 

The girls (the happy sketchers on the right) and I met our group of sketchers on Auckland Anniversary Day, a big day out for boaties with an annual regatta. We spotted one of the strangest looking liners I've personally ever seen. The Celebrity Solstice with it's large 'X' imprinted on the side, is one of the longest liners to visit this year at 314 metres. It's so big it has to back in. USk Australia member Alissa Duke put me on to the Queen Mary 2 though which is coming through Sydney and Auckland in March, it's longer at 345 metres so we'll definitely bet back down to check it out too.

This is the view from Cheltenham beach on Waitangi Day (our national holiday celebrating the signing of our founding document the Treaty of Waitangi), swarming with swimmers, paddlers on boogy boards, skis, paddle boards, sailors in yachts of all sizes (including Torro Rosso, Italy's 72 foot wing-sailed catamaran that is contesting the Americas Cup this year in San Francisco). I had just started sketching the scene when this cruise liner appeared and made it's way past Rangitoto island.

At the bottom a slightly smaller vessel, the kids in their inflatable kayak at Sentinel Beach with it's old boat sheds looking toward the harbour bridge. Sketched flat on my back while lying on the sand.


kumi matsukawa said...

Brilliant series!!!

Cathy Gatland said...

Lovely summer sketches - feel the heat - and I'm in awe of your ability to draw those huge liners!

Murray Dewhurst said...

Thanks Kumi and Cathy!

Cristina said...

I still remember the Waitangi day I spent in Pahia, many years ago. I recall that the water was freezing!
Great report, Murray :)

Murray Dewhurst said...

Thanks Cristina! Paihia is the place to be on Waitangi Day (although I've never been there on that day!). By the way, I checked out your blog and great New Zealand sketches, that's a very cute Kiwi.