February 5, 2013

An incentive in Florence!

Despite this is an old sketch I wanted to publish it to talk about a mine little experience in Florence. The weather wasn't good but I had the idea to invite my sister and her husband to come and draw with me in spite of they were not unaccustomed to it.
With my great surprise they
answered: yes!
Unfortunately it began to rain shortly after, but we had great time together.
I insist to make sure that people feel free to express themselves just interpreting what they see and not to copy the reality. Have fun with sketching!


Maike Bohlen said...

I always admire your unique style and your dancing lines. Keep on doing the good stuff!

Don McNulty said...

"interpreting what they see and not to copy reality", now that is such good advice. Yes, have fun with sketching. I greatly admire your drawings Benedetta.

BEN said...

Thanks so much and...
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!