January 26, 2013

To Florida and back: one concert, one dinner, 3 sketches

I did an impulsive thing. One day I took a quick trip to Ponte Vedra, Florida to see one of my favorite musicians perform. Next day, I flew back.

I wanted to sketch Richard Thompson as he was singing and playing his guitar, but a Big Hair eruption in the woman who sat down front of me at the last minute  cut out all the light that had been shining down on my sketchbook.

As a friend said, it's sometimes better just to experience than to document.

But I did manage an airport sketch
Miami airport construction and two restaurant scenes.
Palm Valley Fish Camp: waiting for a table
Have you ever tried Fried Gator Tail with Cowgill’s Datil Pepper Aioli?  Me, neither, but you can order some at the wonderful Palm Valley Fish Camp where we had other delicious food, served amiably and well.Palm Valley Fish Camp: man and fish!
When I finished this last sketch, I thought 'where have I seen this before?' And then I remembered this sketch from 2009.
Gamekeeper's Restaurant,  Blowing Rock, NCNot the same, but not altogether different. At least the fish look more blasé about the whole situation!


Joel Barnes said...

Shucks....sorry we missed out on your sketch of Richard Thompson. I'm sure that would have been very interesting. But all of your sketches and drawings are wonderful. Thanks!

Rolf Schröter said...

guess, your friend is right about enjoying without documentation, though i rarely follow this advice...

beautiful sketches, anyway. i especially love the deers head in the bottom one, so subtle

Laureline said...

Thanks, guys! I agree, Rolf... you are a dedicated documenter, for sure!

Katie Vrabel said...


I am in charge of marketing for The Fish Camps. We are very interested in possibly using some of your sketches and/or having you sketch a few things for us. Who could we possibly talk to or e-mail about this possibility?

Thank you,
Katie Vrabel