January 26, 2013

This was our third Sketch Crawl in January: 38th WWSC

This time we went to a zoo in Nishikasai, Tokyo.

I arrived there late and hadn't much time to experiment something new. Initially, I had been planning to draw with pencil only or at least take more time on one drawing..
But I ended up producing way sketchy series of drawings with my same old equipment, watercolor.

My first drawing of the creature of the day: people.
A slope


monkey zone

A sheep and a goat.
A sheep and a goat

Later we spend the time in a café as is always the case..
Becco and Chris

In the evening, some of us who were still have time and desire to draw went to IKUSPIARI at Maihama, a shopping, dining and entertainment complex.

This was done in a restaurant there.
At rainforest Cafe

That's all for this time of my drawings. There are bunch of other Tokyo sketch members drawings ( and great ones) so for more result, please visit Tokyo result.

Sketching in the cafe


Laureline said...

I LOVE your 'way sketchy' sketches with watercolor! What a fun, charming bunch of sketches, Kumi. It's clear you had a good time.

Lisbeth Cort said...

These are wonderful, Kumi. I especially like the crowd at the Disney resort.

kumi matsukawa said...

Thank you, Laura and Lisbeth! Glad you enjoy :-)