January 27, 2013

The weekend lunch hour crowd

The weather has been much too cold for outdoor sketching here for a long time now, and snow and flu season have conspired to keep us stuck at home for weeks. This weekend I finally broke out a new watercolour sketchbook for drawing on the go - it fits in my bag - and we concluded our Saturday grocery shopping with lunch at Rarbar in Jægergårdsgade.

lunch at rarbar

The winter light is much too grey for my cameraphone, but you can get a blurry impression of the interior of the Rarbar lounge here. The place was pretty packed and all seats filled as soon as they became free.


The waiter and a couple of people sitting next to me saw me sketching, but my subjects seemed oblivious and much too caught up in the food and company at their own tables to notice what I was doing. Thanks to the weekend lunch hour crowd for providing a bit of variation!


Marina Grechanik said...

Lovely sketch and great observation, Ea! I also love to sketch in coffee shops - it's always full of action and nobody interested at what you do.
I hope you're prepared to sketch outdoor in very warm weather... guess where ;-)

Ea Ejersbo said...

Marina, I will be bringing a hat and plenty of sunscreen! ;)