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January 27, 2013

The train to Küçükçekmece

I would have to that say I love sketching people the most. If I can momentarily connect with someone in a positive and beautiful way, and make them happy, I feel uplifted. For a few minutes, the world seems smaller, and more intimate. On the train to Küçükçekmece, an older, impeccably dressed gentleman sat across from us, staring out the window with a faint smile on his face, lost in thought. At some point, he came out of his dream and realised I was up to something. His smile faded. I was concerned that perhaps I had offended him, but decided to nervously show him his portrait when we got up to leave the train. The smile returned, wider than before, showing off a row of pearly teeth and a twinkle in his blue eyes. He nodded his head and searched the train for any notice our interaction. I thanked him, wished him a good day, and hopped off onto the platform. As the train rolled on, I waved a quick goodbye, and turned away.

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matthew_c said...

Beautiful sketch, and personal connection too.

MiataGrrl said...

A lovely story and beautiful sketch. My favorite sketching subject is people also. It's difficult for me to capture the likeness, but I try for capturing the spirit.

szaza said...

Thank you, Matthew and MiataGrrl.
I just can't connect to buildings, no matter how much I like them— though who knows? Maybe I haven't met the right building?

Shari Blaukopf said...

The joy you have in connecting with people comes across so well in this sketch. Thanks for sharing the story with us.

Quart said...

A beautiful story, bothways. As for the right's out there somewhere ;)

Marina Grechanik said...

Interaction with people is the best part of urban sketching! love the sketch and the story.

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Shari, Quart, and Marina!