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January 6, 2013

Snake Charmers at Boat Quay

Snake Charmers

Snake charmers pretend to hypnotise the snake by playing a musical instrument usually a flute, but it is in fact their movements of the hands or the waving of the flute that attracts the snake's attention. The snake charmers here in Singapore are just providing the tourists an opportunity to take a snapshot with the snakes for SGD5. Very affordable and it is a pretty rare chance you get an albino python to be placed around your shoulder and to have your picture taken. When I chanced on the snake charmers while walking towards Boat Quay, I decided to sketch them in action. However the picture taking process only takes less than 5 mins so sketching the tourist with the snake is pretty hard. I ended up sketching the snake charmers resting or playing the flutes to themselves instead.

Sketching the Singapore Python

When one of them came over to watch me sketch, I seized the chance to ask for his permission to sketch the pythons up close. They were kind enough to allow me to sketch the brown python, which remained motionless throughout. When I was about to finish the line sketch, it slid away out of the basket. The snake charmer decided to close the lid so I have to paint it by memory. I was so tempted to have one of them placed on my shoulder and have my picture taken. But.... anyway can you spot where the eye is?


Maike Bohlen said...

Yes, i can Spot the eye, i mean. Your sketches are quite beautiful and charming. Thanks for showing!

Marcia Milner-Brage said...

Few reptiles portrayed in Urban Sketchers--glad you seized the opportunity to draw this python. It's a good thing this creature was such a good model with its slow metabolism.

Urusai said...

Uaauu Don you really capture the colour tones and the shape of the reptile.

Don Low said...

Thank you!!

VHein said...

Don, you are brave! Great sketch!

Don Low said...

Thanks Virgina!! LOL!