January 22, 2013

Sketchcrawling and returning for more...

At the Grand Central Market

For Worldwide Sketchcrawl 38, my fellow Los Angeles
correspondent, Shiho Nakaza, organized and led
a great tour through downtown Los Angeles'
historic core.  It was a gorgeous, warm day,
and we had local sketchers as well as some
who had traveled many miles to join in the event.
What a pleasure it is to spend time with like-minded souls
walking, talking, eating, and then quietly sketching!

One of the best things about a Sketchcrawl
is rediscovering the great things in one's own city.
For the last 15 years, the city has put up an ice rink
at Pershing Square in the heart of downtown from
mid-November to January 21, and this is the first time
I'd ever seen it.  I did a quick sketch during the
Sketchcrawl, and having some time yesterday (and
living not too far away), I returned on the last day
the rink was open to add a few finishing touches and
sketch a bit more.  I love the back drop of the palm trees!

Skating Downtown Thumbnails
Downtown on Ice

Ice Skating in Pershing Square


Marcia Milner-Brage said...

Skating with a backdrop of palms is a hoot! Wonderful joint set Shiho & Virginia.

Don Low said...

Enjoyed every bit of these.

matthew_c said...


Shiho Nakaza said...

Glad you sketched the skaters while I decided to sketch the buildings, Virginia! I like the splash of red and overall composition of all of them. And is that someone checking his phone while he's on his skates? So hilarious!

Maike Bohlen said...

What a nice day you must have had. Especially like the umbrella sketch - it looked so japanese to me.

VHein said...

Marcia, Don, Matthew, Shiho and Maike, thanks very much, and yes it was such a nice day!