January 2, 2013

New Year in Ouadane

Wadane view from west

looking at photos
We decided to go inland for the holidays, back to Ouadane where my friend lives.
 I sketched a lot mostly young children and landscapes, I was missing sketching having been so busy with the opening of zeinart.
 I chose these two images because they reflect contrasts in the country I chose to live.
 In the fist one we see the ruins of the old city of Ouadane and not far from the minaret of the old mosque the antenna for the phone company.
In the second M'Barka a young girl doing her secondary studies at Ouadane looks at photos in a tourist computer that where taken in the village where she's originally from.
Have in mind that its only a few years since Ouadane has had access to electricity and mobile telephone. In  M'Barka's village people are still using torchs at night time weather to cook, to look at their food while eating or to move around after dusk.


november 17th said...

Nice place, electricity is highly overrated. I dig your sketches.


Happy new year Isabel. I love how you always reflex in your drawings the colors, the life, the affection you have for that country's on your soul. We were delighted with the experience of Morocco and will go again to sketch to Tetuan in March.

matthew_c said...

Great sketches, love the desert townscape.

Cathy Gatland said...

Glad you found some sketching time Isabel, these are wonderful. It must be amazing to these people to see photos on a screen after such a basic lifestyle all those years!

Behzad Bagheri said...

Glad to see again your beautiful sketches! Wonderful works