January 28, 2013

My many Indias: Part 1

I am just back from a month long trip to India so I figured I 'd do a series of posts of my sketches. What better way to start than witha food sketch? These are my kids eating breakfast on their first morning in Bangalore, India. For once, I'm glad they'r slow eaters: it gives me time to sketch them!
After more than 24 hours on the plane (and that doesn't count layovers and getting to and from the airport!) , they thought it was such a treat to be allowed to substitute Mirinda for milk at breakfast time. Breakfast for them was a crispy warm conical dosa. I went overboard and had a idli-wada plate, followed by a Bangalore specialty, the 'set dosa', a set of three thick dosas. All that had to be downed with filter coffee.

Taking meals 2, Bangalore

This is a quick capture of a fast-disappearing sight: a tailor who sits with his sewing machine on the pavement. For a few rupees, he will repair, alter or completely transform a garment, all while you wait. this tailor sits before a wall with posters of the Elephant God, Ganesh and another poster advertising 'Computer Horoscopes', an essential component in traditional matchmaking in India.

Tailor, Bangalore

For more sketches from my trip, visit my blog here.


Shari Blaukopf said...

It's great to see you back Suhita. I was wondering if you were travelling. Can't wait to look at all the India sketches.

Suhita said...

Thanks Shari, they're coming.. the trouble with long trips is how long it takes to get all the sketches online! :)

Rebellious Submission said...

Lovely sketches...)