January 22, 2013

joining the dots

3rd St, Davis
Davis, CA: A cold sunny Saturday downtown a week or so ago, there are so many great cold-day shadows about that some urban sketching is impossible to resist. I think this is the last house in this row on 3rd St that I've not actually sketched. Maybe I have. I stood outside Newsbeat and sketched as quickly as I could. It was chilly and I had to walk home listening to a podcast about third-century-crisis Rome.

Hey you might be interested, here are all the buildings in that little stretch of 3rd Street. Now I have completed the set, it feels like Monopoly, I can start building hotels. If I'm in Davis any longer, eventually I'll be able to geographically join up all of my sketches. It's like a sketched version of Google Street View. Now there is something for the global urban sketching community to aim for...
3rd street Davis


Katherine Thomas said...

These are all so good! I like the row of little houses that appears at the end of your post, too, like a little street view. Excellent work!

Murray Dewhurst said...

Nice Pete, these are great. With a few cosmetic differences, these could almost be in my neighbourhood of Auckland.