January 4, 2013

Island Hopping at Krabi Thailand

Tup Island, Krabi

Tup Island, Krabi Thailand

While we were in Phuket, we booked 2 day tours that brought us to different islands around Phuket. Usually the bus journey would take about 40mins, and then it was another hour of speed boat rides to the islands. Lunch is usually provided for.

One of the day-tour on speed boats brought us to Tup Island at Krabi. According to the guide, the island would normally appear to be made up of 2 separate islands, but on low tide, a bridge would emerge to link the 2 small islands together. We were timely for it was low tide when we were there. Sun bathers took this opportunity to enjoy the thin stretch of sand bar and boats moored on both sides of the bridge. We walked from one end to the other just to satisfy our curiosity. I sketched under the shade of one of the island.

Hero pen and watercolor (Shinhan) wash, and white gouache paint.

Poda Beach

Poda Beach Phuket, Thailand

Another of the location we were brought to was Poda Bay. We sat to watch the tourists and the locals who were always busy selling something to the visitors. This is a make shift stall that sell grilled sweet corns, seafood and drinks. Everything is at 50B which is about 2 Singapore dollars. Of course they are earning 200% profit from us hungry tourists. Anyway they must be paying the syndicate a lot more to operate a stall here. The sellers came over to watch when they saw me sketching them. The lady on the right was laughing as she could recognize herself. The man in black was a poser! :D

It was great fun though the beach was so crowded. But that's how it should be!


miked said...

Love the Poda Beach sketch!
Can really feel the environment.

Don Low said...

Thanks Mike!

kumi matsukawa said...

Superb! looks you had such a fun time there. What gorgeous places and works!

VHein said...

Great sketches and story, Don!

Don Low said...

Thanks Kumi and Virginia!!

Asnee said...

thanks for the stories I thought I knew all about, but... seems more interesting when heard from you..
love all the scene.. I probably visited Phuket fewer time than many of my overseas friend, wonder why and... BTW, mental mark here, must visit Tub and Poda island next time around there.
thanks for the tips:-)

yyurongg pang said...

I was just there yesterday! Great sketches, and I didnt know people came from Phuket as well cos we all went from Krabi. The sun was scorching hot tho. Nice depiction of all the sunburnt bodies!