January 5, 2013

Holiday on Auckland's Harbour

We haven't ventured far out of town at all so far this summer, sticking to the inner harbour and over the bridge to the North Shore. Most people escape the city at this time leaving a blissfully peaceful Auckland to those staying behind. This above is Takapuna beach yesterday, a gloriously sunny day.

We tried some fishing with the kids at Northcote point. Our youngest got his first fishing rod for Christmas and he was determined to catch a big fat Snapper for dinner. He almost did a couple of times, but sadly they got away, taking most of his brand new soft bait with them! This jetty is almost under the harbour bridge with the city visible behind. I decided to leave the bridge out completely in the picture but couldn't help adding in the mad bungy jumper at the top right, looking like he's just missed the Skytower in the distance.

It's definitely cruise liner season again with one or two in town every day, a pity the weather hasn't been a bit better up until now. This is the Sun Princess at the aptly named Princes Wharf below.

And on the other side of the wharf at the Maritimem Museum, the brigantine 'Breeze'.

We've also visited the Otara Market in South Auckland and surf beach Piha on the wild west coast of Auckland, visit my blog for more sketches. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing more amazing work from everyone!


Richard Sheppard said...

Nice work Murray! I envy your warm weather right now as it's rainy and cold here. Love that top beach sketch.

kumi matsukawa said...

Your drawings are really eye candy!!! Brilliant ( summerly) feel, I guess drawing kids while they are fishing is very fun but at the same time very busy task.
Just splendid!

Diminished Sanity said...

Great drawings! Very envious of the location and weather. It is cold in Atlanta this morning.

Murray Dewhurst said...

Thanks Richard, Kumi and diminished, I'm pleased to give a summery snapshot from the south. You're right Kumi, as well as sketching the kids I was flat out sorting their lines, rebaiting and untangling the whole time. Keep warm!

Cathy Gatland said...

Gorgeous sketches Murray - oh to live beside the sea! We've got the weather, but not so many fun things to draw.