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January 23, 2013

Facing Science

It's cold here in Boston. Very cold. So, sketching outside is out of the question for me. Fortunately, I was on a mission for this drawing; one that could lead me indoors.

Every January, the Illustration Department at Montserrat College of Art, where I'm a professor, hosts a theme show for its students, alumni and faculty. We all create illustrations which play with the year's theme. This year, the theme is "Science." I racked by brain for quite a while before I came to simple solution. That is, to go to the Harvard Museum of Natural History to seek inspiration. It's a quiet museum that's filled with curiosities. Something was bound to capture my interest, beyond my imagination.

After walking around for a while, I came face to face with the skull of a triceratops. Immediately, struck, I sat and tried to capture its striking glare in the stark, late-afternoon light.

As I drew, a little girl and her mother entered the room of dinosaur bones. 

She said, "These dinosaurs are not scary." "Are they Mommy."

"No, they're not." said her mother. "They've been dead for a long, long time"

"A long, long time." echoed the little girl, but she did not sound convinced.


Tin Salamunic said...

Fantastic lighting. What a great piece!!!! :)

Ira Prussat said...

with this perspective I can imagine the little girls feelings.

VHein said...

Beautiful and arresting work--I love the lighting as well--and great story too!

James Hobbs said...

This is great because the shadows say as much to me about the museum as the the skull, and the glass case is so transparent and yet so there.

Maike Bohlen said...

Thumbs up! Gorgeous perspective and style.

Shari Blaukopf said...

There are so many beautiful details in this sketch — the chair and its shadow on the right, the backlighting on the triceratops, the way you painted the glass case — all masterful!

Aurora Villaviejas said...

I love those lights and shadows!!

Murray Dewhurst said...

Fantastic work, definitely a menacing looking beast.

Nacho Bergadà said...

I love the way you sketch the glass. Incredible work!