January 25, 2013

Disney - Beach Club Hotel

I don't travel on business as much as I used to in the past but recently went out to Florida to attend a conference for a few days. It was nice to get away from the cold Massachusetts weather but strange - I expected Florida to be really warm so 60º F (15º C) felt really cold when I was out there. A week later I'm back in Massachusetts and the temperature is 15º F (-9º C)  which actually doesn't feel that cold because I expect this place to be really cold!

Ever since 2006 I've been sketching all the hotel rooms I stayed in and I've kept up with my room sketching addiction this time around too. The room felt a little dated but I liked the little Disney themes happening throughout the room - like the Jiminy Cricket illustrations used for the evacuation map and the Mickey Lamp which casted a beard like shadow which was comical!



Rolf Schröter said...

especially love the flying ventilator

and the analytic approach applied on 'trivial' topic

kane said...


Paul Kirchner said...

Brought a smile to my face.

jack said...

Interesting picture..it looks good..
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