January 26, 2013

Basketball is the talk of the town in Seattle

Seattle lost its NBA team, the Sonics, in 2008. They moved to Oklahoma and became the Oklahoma City Thunder.

You know how sports are in America, teams can change from one city to another! Crazy. They go wherever the owner decides. That would never happen say, with Barça or Manchester United. Riots would ensue and civilization as we know it would pretty much end in those cities if their teams left. I'm exaggerating of course, but you get the point.

Anyhow, the fact is that some wealthy folks have agreed to buy the team from Sacramento (sorry, Pete Scully!) and bring it to Seattle, where it'll be renamed, you guessed it, the Sonics! If all goes well, they will start playing at Seattle's Key Arena in the fall.

I'm telling you all this as commentary to these sketches because my son is really looking forward to the Sonics return. He's been playing basketball all winter, as you see in some of these pocket sketchbook notes, and is already asking if we'll get tickets to the first Sonics game. My daughter has been playing basketball too, so the sport has been not only the talk of the town but also the talk of our household!

(I can't post it here since it belongs to my employer, but you can also see a sketch of Key Arena during an WNBA game on my Seattle Times blog.)

Are you a basketball fan?


Carol Lee Beckx said...

Your Key Arena sketch is great. So good that your sketches are a regular feature in the newspaper - they say so much more than a photo would.

larry said...

Love your sketch of the Storm game. WNBA is fun to watch. More ball-handling - less dunking :-) Sounds like you and your son have a lot of basketball in your future.

MiataGrrl said...

Love all the motion you captured here!

matthew_c said...

Great movement sketches, very tough to do.
You're good at these Gabi.